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Most Podcasts Just "read the copy"... 
We PARTNER With You to Create YOUR Very Own "Automated Client Attraction Funnel" 

  • Irresistible Offer: We help you come up with a "no brainer"  offer your BEST prospects just can't resist
  • Simple Next Step: Instead of "call now for a free estimate" for prospects to ignore, we create an online funnel that builds know, like & trust BEFORE they meet with you or your sales team
  • Automated: YOUR automated sales funnel integrates with your salespeople's calendar so perfect prospects can book themselves appointments 24/7
  • Tracked: Since everything goes through your custom funnel, you know EXACTLY the results you get from the show!

Does Podcast Advertising REALLY Work???

  • Real Money: eMarketer reported in July 2020 that Podcast ad spending will surpass ONE BILLION DOLLARS while digital radio advertising as a whole will see double digit declines 
  • Podcast Listeners are BUYERS: A report published by Interactive Advertising Bureau indicated 67% of listeners could recall products and brands featured in ads. 61% actually paid for a product or service they learned about on podcasts
  • Better Brand Recall: Midroll reports 80% of podcast listeners can recall a brand advertise in a podcast & 67% can recall specific product features or promotions

But Why Does it Work so Well???

  • Trusted: The hosts words are beamed directly into the listeners brains and fans tend to binge listen creating a very intimate relationship between show host and listener
  • Targeted: Our podcast was created for YOUR perfect prospect! NO OTHER advertising option gathers your perfect prospects as well
  • Engaged: Podcasts are long form and conversational. Our hosts read YOUR message and irresistible offer live as part of the conversation so your client doesn't miss a word you have to say
  • Even Better: We invite our sponsors on the show as guests periodically to personally connect with our audience

I Want to Sponsor This AMAZING Show FULL of MY Perfect Prospects, but I DON'T Want to spend a Bunch of Money...

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